Plywood & Tile Backer Boards

We only use and recommend plywood substrates of WBP exterior grade, hardwood throughout far eastern ply wood fitted in line with BS5383-3

15mm – 18mm plywood is an acceptable sub floor surface as are tile backer-boards which come in 10mm – 50mm size, water resistant and are also suitable for shower walls.

Over Lay Raised Access Floors – WBP Hardwood Ply over lay to raised access floors or cement board  – Norcross Pro Board thickness 10-50mm.  Ply has to be minimum of 15mm and screwed to 150mm around edge of board and 300mm centres.  The ply has to have back and edges primed with suitable primer before being laid and then laid staggered across joints.

Cement Board Overlay can be screwed at 300mm centres using special washers but 10mm cement board will be thick enough to take floor tiling, with no moisture content and does not require priming.

Porcelain Tiles & Stone Tiles on Timber Floors: Timber floors must not flex and the extra load weight of the natural stone tiles must be accounted for. To guard against the damaging effect of movement an 18mm plywood and to provide the best chance of achieving a problem free installation, it is recommend that the screw fixings occur at 300mm centres and 150mm centrally along board edges and all boards are primed on back and edges before laying.

18mm Hardwood Ply 1




Tile Backer Boards: A lightweight, dust free and waterproof construction cement board for tiled areas, walk in showers, partition walls and floor overlay.  Moisture proof, only 6mm is added to the floor height and heat resistant.  The perfect substrate for all tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, ideal  for commercial  wet rooms or overlay to raised access floors.  When laying undertile heating we always use Pro board or similar to layer the floor first. The reason for this is to get the most out of your new heating mat or cable, by doing this means that the heat will rise quicker making the room more efficient.  Special washers are used in the fixing of the Tile Backer Board.

Tile Backer Boards 1