Floor Preparation

The preparation of a sound solid surface to tile onto is integral in the tiling process.  A site survey is carried out to determine the type  of preparation required to achieve a quality Tiling finish.

Examples of  floor preparations undertaken as part of our Tiling Service are:

Latexing and Levelling

Correction of or un-level out of tolerance floors to enable tiling to under-floor heating matting and generalised repairs to floor areas.  We use a latex with fibre’s present within the mixture, this can be built up in 3-4 mm coats, which also encompasses generalised repairs to floors.  We strongly recommend the use of appropriate primer.


Primers required to all power floated concrete floors or as conditions require.

Scarify & Shot Blasting

We can source a company to scarify or shot blast concrete floors.

De- Greasing

We can provide de greasing to existing workshop and Kitchen floors, or where an area requires treatment.